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The phenomenon of shopping online has hit the Pakistani consumers by storm, especially women. Even though only 30% of those who engage in online purchases are female, according to the Kaymu E-commerce Report in 2015; many women are slightly edging towards this new trend.

With the increase in viral videos on social media of women fighting over lawn sales in stores, it has started to deter women from going to retail stores on those days. But on a serious note, many women are entering the workforce. They are finding hard to take out a considerable amount of time to visit shops. Therefore they have started to resort to shopping through online stores of various brands.

There have been a number of players entering the e-tailers business in Pakistan in the past few years, who aim to provide a smooth online shopping experience to their customers; including women.

In this article, a few best online shopping stores for women in Pakistan have been shortlisted regarding their quality products and service they provide:

#1. Daraz.pk: Online Marketplace Full of Top Brands

Being one of the ventures of a German Internet Company called Rocket Internet; Daraz.pk has attained quite the popularity and reputation among Pakistani online customers. It is an online marketplace for men and women, where a vast and largely diverse product range is listed, regarding brands, quality and price range. They have a rather comprehensive return and refund policy which is quite appreciable.

For women, an extensive list of branded clothing is offered including Alkaram, Generation, Gul Ahmed among others. Other than that, there is a huge variety of women accessories, lingerie, shoes as well as beauty care products from leading brands.

The credibility of Daraz.pk as an online marketplace is high because it only brings together top designer brands of the country as well as international. Whether it’s high street fashion wear or something to do with electronic gadgets, you will find every product listed belonging to a well-known respectable brand. This is particularly useful for women as they can easily browse through collections of many known clothing and accessories brands on one website.

#2. Tesoro.pk: Famous for Women Exclusive Accessories

Tesoro.pk is an online store of the fashion accessories brand Tesoro Accessories. It is a modern women’s exclusive fashion retail brand in Pakistan, whereby women have access to premium quality imported jewelry, bags, clothing and other accessories including lingerie. Tesoro offers the same range of their products to those who wish to buy them online. With their uncompromising quality products, they have surely made a mark in the market among women. They offer free delivery service across Pakistan with an exchange policy of within seven days of receiving the product.

Tesoro as a brand has always been known for its quality accessories. They have made it easier for women to get access to lingerie with their vast collection. Most importantly they offer after sales service of their products at any point which is appreciable. Their price ranges are reasonable and affordable.

#3. Kaymu.pk: Large Shopping Variety for Women

Kaymu.pk is also a famous online shopping website in Pakistan. Despite it being a venture of Rocket Internet, it is in competition with Daraz.pk. It provides a platform for individual sellers as well as small businesses and middlemen to showcase their selling items. The range and variety of products are huge in Kaymu.pk, and it is known for its generous concessions and discounts which are not seen elsewhere.

For women, there is a large variety to choose from including fashion wear, inner wear, accessories, shoes as well as beauty products and jewelry.

Despite the diversity of goods offered and the opportunity that it provides to the local businesses, it’s known for taking in sellers who offer low quality copied products. This is something that women are very particular when they buy online in Pakistan. The deliberate attempt of selling low-quality items is something that they cannot tolerant when it comes to fashion wear.

#4. Lootlo.pk: Massive Discounts and Deals

Lootlo is a Pakistani Groupon version where they offer huge deals and discounts on products like clothing, accessories as well as services like salons, spas, and restaurants. This is something new in Pakistan as customers can avail great concessions through the power of collective group buying. For women, it is ideal as they can easily book salon appointments at fantastic deals and get themselves pampered at a far lesser price. With increasing restaurants and salon prices, such deals are a blessing for all. Payment is made through cash on delivery. They also provide exchange as well as return policy within three days which may seem quite less.

These are some of the online stores which are best for women in Pakistan. Due to the quality of their products and services as well as favorable reviews from their customers, they have earned a place among the best players in the e-tailers industry.

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